"Ready steady baby has helped me to feel more confident and happier about what lies ahead"

"The friendship café is so nice and noisy, my life is so quiet that its lovely hearing other voices"

"Today was brilliant, I haven’t joined in any groups or had so much fun for ages. Hope we can do more.”

Welcome to The Churn

Supporting the community in Cirencester and surrounding villages since 2001.

Our aims are to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing particularly for those who are lonely, at a point of transition or crisis in their lives or experiencing mental health issues

Vision Statement:

“Our vision is that all our residents are included and involved in their community; feel supported and valued; and are given the opportunity to achieve their potential.”

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to tackle inequalities which contribute to economic hardship, social isolation and unemployment, by developing solutions and services which focus on giving purpose, belonging and hope.”

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